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Spring MVC Interceptor HandlerInterceptorAdapter, HandlerInterceptor Example

As with the postHandle method, the method will be invoked on each interceptor in the chain in reverse order, so the first interceptor will be the last to be invoked. At this point, we have to create our custom interceptor and register it in our application. To demonstrate the operations of a Spring Interceptor, we will simulate a small request-response project. There are several articles on how to set up a Spring Boot project on the EngEd website. For us to use Interceptors in Spring Boot, we need to add the web and Lombok dependencies in our pom.xml configuration file.

spring interceptors

When you come to a company and want to meet the company’s manager. You need to pass through interceptors which can be a gatekeeper, a receptionist,… In a perfect security-based scenario, we might want to block requests that do not have a particular type of header or request parameter. Also, we might need requests to have a particular field before eventually passing the request to the expectant controller. Spring HandlerInterceptor declares three methods based on where we want to intercept the HTTP request. We also annotate our Interceptor class with @Component to create a bean.

Registering a custom interceptor

This is done to perform the operation before the request is sent back to the client. This method is generally used for the addition of attributes to the ModelAndView object, which are consumed in the view pages. Not only this but the method is also used to determine the time taken by the handler method in processing the client request.

  • When you come to a company and want to meet the company’s manager.
  • We should add spring-boot-starter-web to develop a Spring Boot REST project.
  • The response object is used to send the response to the client without invoking the postHandle and afterCompletion.
  • Adding the interceptor can be easily done by having the addInterceptors method inWebMvcConfigurer implemented and providing the required configuration.
  • This method should return true to return the response to the client.

You can create an executable JAR file, and run the Spring Boot application by using the below Maven or Gradle commands. In this post, we have learned about Interceptors and also did some experiments to have a better understanding. You can check this Medium post for an extensive comparison of Filters and Interceptors.

Spring boot interceptor

Now all your requests will pass through the logic defined under preHandle() method of MyCustomInterceptor. In Spring 5, just implement WebMvcConfigurer instead of extending WebMvcConfigurerAdapter. Since Java 8 interfaces allow default implementations, it is no longer required to use the adapter (which is why it’s deprecated). You can use Interceptor to do some tasks such as writing log, adding or updating configurations before request is processed by Controller,…

spring interceptors

AfterCompletion() method − This is used to perform operations after completing the request and response. To work with interceptor, you need to create @Component class that supports it and it should implement the HandlerInterceptor interface. As you can see, the Filter starts running before the interceptor, even before the request is passed to Servlet. Let’s create a Filter class, don’t panic if you do not fully understand it.

Method Details

Interceptors can be used to deal with Cross-Cutting Concerns such as Logging, Caching, and validations. We simply put the common code in the interceptor to avoid code duplication in our controllers. In this post, we are going to learn about Interceptors in Spring. We will learn what is an interceptor, when can it be useful, and also develop a simple application to demonstrate its capabilities. Below is an implementation I use to intercept each HTTP request before it goes out and the response which comes back.

Meanwhile, an interceptor intercepts requests and performs some actions on them. They also ensure handler codes are not repeated across the project. Since you’re using Spring Boot, I assume you’d prefer to rely on Spring’s auto configuration where possible. To add additional Factors To Consider For Effective Outsourcing Of Product Development custom configuration like your interceptors, just provide a configuration or bean of WebMvcConfigurerAdapter. XML configuration helps in adding path patterns on which interceptor will be invoked. Alternatively, we can configure interceptor to be invoked for all web requests.

Chain.doFilter line passes the request to the next filter, TestInterceptor in this case, then the request is processed in controller. @arjun The others are implemented as default methods thanks to Java 8. This reasoning is, conveniently, documented in the deprecated class. We only need to write the business logic to verify the login status here to verify the login status before the user calls the specified interface.

spring interceptors

For example, adding/updating configurations, writing logs are some tasks that the interceptor performs before the controller processes the request. Workflow interface that allows for customized handler execution chains. Applications can register any number of existing or custom interceptors for certain groups of handlers, to add common preprocessing behavior without needing to modify each handler implementation. Spring Interceptors has the ability to pre-handle and post-handle the web requests. Each interceptor class should extend the HandlerInterceptorAdapter class.

With this method, each interceptor can post-process an execution, getting applied in inverse order of the execution chain. This configuration activates the interceptor and ensures that all the messages we have passed in the interceptor methods will be logged. It is noteworthy that with Spring Boot, we need to annotate the configuration class with @EnableWebMvc. To get an understanding of how an Interceptor works, we need to understand the workings of the HandlerMapping in Spring. By doing this, a servlet called the Dispatcher Servlet can initiate it during request processing. PostHandle – Used to intercept the request after handler has completed request processing but DispatcherServlet is yet to render the view.

We should add spring-boot-starter-web to develop a Spring Boot REST project. OK but what you’ve actually done here is an interceptor FOR RestTemplate (i.e. when YOU make HTTP calls)… Not an interceptor for Spring REST Controllers (i.e. when HTTP calls are made against your Spring app/REST-webservices). I had the same issue of WebMvcConfigurerAdapter being deprecated.

The request first encounters the preHandle function before the request is handed over to the controller. The return of the “True” value is very important in order to allow the request to proceed ahead with the further operations on the request. Return of False signifies that no further processing is required as the spring interceptor has handled the request all by itself. The response object is used to send the response to the client without invoking the postHandle and afterCompletion. Till now, the view is not generated yet, and the handler object to handle the request. Now when the controller processes the request, and before it reaches the client, postHandle is invoked.


Now once the handler gets executed and the view is rendered, the after completion function is called to complete the cycle. Let’s create a simple Spring MVC application where we will configure an Spring Interceptor to log timings of controller handler method. Our final Spring Interceptor example project will look like below image, we will look into the components that we are interested in. I am just adding some processing time in the execution of the handler method to check our spring interceptor methods in action. Spring boot interceptor is defined as a concept that is invoked at the time of preprocessing and post-processing of a request and allows the only filtered request to the controllers to process it. We can assume it to be analogous to a situation where a visitor wants to meet the CEO of an organization.

Introduction to Spring boot interceptor

When I searched for examples, I hardly found any implemented code. Download the given source code to play with it and understand Spring MVC interceptor in more detail. Spring Interceptor is only applied to requests that are sending to a Controller.

For the simplicity of the article, we will go through the methodology of extending an instance of HandleInterceptorAdapter. These 3 functions need to be overwritten, namely preHandle, postHandle, afterCompletion. Through these 3 functions, the utility of the interceptor is achieved and hence becomes the important source to understand the working of the interceptor. Adding the interceptor can be easily done by having the addInterceptors method inWebMvcConfigurer implemented and providing the required configuration.

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