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This guide is going to take you through on how to Install Anydesk on Debian 11. AnyDesk is a remote desktop program that lets you connect to PCs and other devices running the host application from anywhere in the world. At time of research, AnyDesk is bundled together with a number of other potentially unwanted programs , including Powzip, Smart Application Controller, One System Care, View, and Unlike AnyDesk, these potentially unwanted programs do not provide remote access to victims’ computers.

  • Look through the results returned from the checking program.
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  • Before starting the actual uninstall procedure, we recommend that you do the following introductory milestones.

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Again, this process varies greatly depending on the manufacturer of your system’s motherboard. If removing your BIOS / UEFI overlock settings does not fix WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR, try resetting your entire BIOS. Check that the cooling system is functioning properly, your RAM is installed securely in the slot, and make sure the CPU is not loose, and so on. Sometimes this error may appear due to overheating. Many users reported that both hal.dll and ntoskrnl.exe can cause this error to appear. To fix the problem, try changing or removing the overclock settings.

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In most cases, “bundled” applications are hidden within “Custom/Advanced” options of the download/installation processes. When a session partner attempts to connect to your computer, you can choose whether to accept their request or not. On connection request, the ID and account image from the remote client is displayed. To be able to connect to and control a remote desktop, the AnyDesk application must be installed on the target computer. A computer without AnyDesk fully installed can, however, connect to another computer, so long as the target computer has AnyDesk installed and the right permissions granted.

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If the error continues to appear, you will need to install the device one at a time while restarting your computer every time to identify the hardware that causes the error. Now select the recently installed Application and click uninstall. The System overclocking caused due to the increase of heat. The most common if for Whea Uncorrectable Error is disabling overclock from your BIOS.

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